All businesses should use data backup as an essential business practice. It should involve multiple backups in multiple locations. This guarantees that your data is more secure, even with all viruses, hackers, and phishing in today’s world.

Threats on the rise

Cyber attacks pose the greatest threat to your company’s data. Especially malicious software like ransomware that hijacks your data and requires ransom. A number of companies are still not prepared.

Small businesses may feel that hackers will not bother to target them, but that could not be further from the truth. Actually, cybercriminals rely on these small businesses because they have fewer resources and less preparation, training, and security, making them attractive targets.

The potential costs associated with data loss and retrieval, network downtime, and compliance issues far outweigh the security and backup investment costs.

Having several backups gives you a safety net in the event of a problem with one of your other data backups

The Backup Rule Of Three

The backup rule of three dictates that you should:

Have a minimum of 3 copies of your data. There are a lot of solutions that allow you to make more backups at the same time. With more copies, you have more chance that you will have access to backup in case of disaster.

Store copies at a minimum of two different media types. Do not store all backups on one media, also store on different media such as cloud storage. If you have a backup on single media (i.e. USB drive) and it fails or is broken, you have a problem. Make sure to use different backup media.

Keep one or more of these copies off-site. Keep one copy of your data off-site. Keep this copy separate from the rest of your data, and use a backup method that disables direct file system access to the data. This is to protect against the worst of disasters. For example, a fire can damage your entire business premises, making your on-site data storage inaccessible and irreparable, or all your data could be encrypted by ransomware.

BONUS TIP: If the backup software makes it possible to save separate versions of files, use it, it will save you more than once. For instance, if you by accident modify the documents and save them you will always have access to previous versions.

Implementing these tips will help you improve your company’s security!

Take care, and be secure and successful!