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December 05, 2023.

Video Masterclass: Introduction to Business Security and Resilience

This video masterclass provides an in-depth examination of the fundamental principles and tactics crucial for establishing a resilient and secure business framework. Gain a thorough understanding of the significance of risk management, incident response, and business continuity in protecting your organization amidst the ever-changing array of threats and disruptions.

December 14, 2023.

Webinar: Overcoming DORA Compliance Challenges

Delve into the complexities of the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) and uncover effective strategies for navigating its compliance requirements. This webinar will guide you through the legislative landscape, focusing on practical steps to ensure your business aligns with DORA standards.

December 20, 2023.

Video Masterclass: Email Security Management: Protecting your business communication.

Learn to protect your business communications in this detailed masterclass on email security management. Explore advanced techniques for defending against phishing, spam, and other email-based threats, and understand the best practices in implementing robust email security protocols.

January 09, 2024.

Webinar: Fortifying Your Business Against Ransomware: Strategies and Solutions

Discover key strategies and solutions for protecting your business from the growing threat of ransomware attacks. This webinar covers proactive defense mechanisms, effective response plans, and the latest tools to secure your digital assets against these malicious threats.

January 18, 2024.

Webinar: ISO 27001 Compliance: How to achieve and maintain compliance

Gain insights into achieving and maintaining compliance with ISO 27001 standards in this informative webinar. Learn the essentials of setting up an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS), conducting risk assessments, and implementing necessary security controls.

January 30, 2024.

Ask the Experts: Live Q&A on Cybersecurity and Compliance Challenges

Engage with industry experts in this live Q&A session, addressing your most pressing cybersecurity and compliance questions. Benefit from the shared expertise as you navigate complex security landscapes and regulatory frameworks.

February 12-15, 2024.

Challenge: 4 day – ISO 27001: Information Security Management System (ISMS) Implementation

Embark on a 4-day intensive challenge to implement an Information Security Management System in line with ISO 27001 standards. This hands-on experience provides practical insights into developing, managing, and auditing an effective ISMS.

February 22, 2024.

Video Masterclass: Cloud Security Foundations: Protecting Your Data in the Cloud

Master the essentials of cloud security in this comprehensive masterclass. Understand how to protect data in the cloud, manage access controls, and implement security best practices to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your cloud-based resources.

February 29, 2024.

Video Masterclass: Endpoint Security: Fortifying the Frontlines of Your Network

Strengthen your network’s defenses with this in-depth look at endpoint security. Learn about the latest tools and strategies to protect endpoints from a range of threats, ensuring the safety and integrity of your network’s entry points.

March 07, 2024.

Webinar: Cybersecurity Essentials: Understanding the basics of cybersecurity and its importance

Get a solid grounding in the basics of cybersecurity with this essential webinar. Understand the fundamental concepts, common threats, and critical security measures necessary to protect your organization in the digital age.

March 21, 2024.

Webinar: Risk Assessment and Management: How to identify and manage risks in your business.

This webinar provides a thorough understanding of how to identify and manage risks within your business. Learn effective techniques for risk analysis, evaluation, and mitigation, and how to integrate these practices into your overall security strategy.

March 28, 2024.

Video Masterclass: Threat Intelligence: Staying Ahead of Cyber Threats

Stay ahead of cyber threats with this detailed masterclass on threat intelligence. Learn how to gather, analyze, and use intelligence effectively to preempt attacks and strengthen your organization’s defensive capabilities.

April 09, 2024.

Webinar: Response: Strategies to handle security incidents effectively.

Learn to manage and mitigate security incidents with effective response strategies. This webinar will guide you through creating a robust incident response plan, including identification, containment, eradication, and recovery processes, ensuring minimal impact on your business.

April 18, 2024.

Real-World Resilience: Live Q&A on Business Continuity and Crisis Management

Engage with experts in an interactive Q&A session focused on building resilience through effective business continuity and crisis management strategies. Discuss real-world scenarios, best practices, and innovative solutions to maintain operational integrity during crises.

April  29, 2024.

Video Masterclass: ISO 27001 Demystified: Pathway to Certification

Simplify the complexities of ISO 27001 certification in this comprehensive masterclass. Gain insights into the standard’s requirements, the steps for setting up an effective Information Security Management System, and tips for successful certification.

May 13-16, 2024.

Challenge: A Comprehensive 4-Day GDPR Compliance Sprint

Embark on an intensive 4-day challenge to bring your business into GDPR compliance. This sprint covers data protection principles, rights of data subjects, data processing obligations, and implementing compliance measures, culminating in a practical action plan.

May 23, 2024.

Webinar: The Role of Employee Surveillance in Security: Balancing privacy and security.

Explore the delicate balance between employee surveillance and privacy rights in this insightful webinar. Learn about legal frameworks, ethical considerations, and effective strategies for implementing surveillance measures that enhance security without compromising privacy.

May 29, 2024.

Video Masterclass: Multi-Factor Authentication: Strengthening Access Controls

Dive into the world of multi-factor authentication (MFA) in this detailed masterclass. Understand the various forms of MFA, its critical role in strengthening access controls, and best practices for implementing MFA in your organization’s security architecture.

June 11, 2024.

Webinar: Disaster Recovery Planning: Preparing for and recovering from disasters.

Delve into the essentials of disaster recovery planning to ensure your business can recover quickly from disruptive events. This webinar covers risk assessment, developing a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, and best practices for testing and maintaining the plan.

June 20, 2024.

Compliance Conundrums: Live Q&A on Navigating Regulations and Standards

Address your compliance questions in a live interactive session with industry experts. Discuss the latest regulations and standards, understand common compliance challenges, and explore strategies to navigate the complex compliance landscape.

June 28, 2024.

Video Masterclass: Penetration Testing: Uncovering and Mitigating Vulnerabilities

Uncover and mitigate vulnerabilities in your network through practical penetration testing techniques. This masterclass offers a deep dive into planning, conducting, and analyzing penetration tests, providing essential skills to strengthen your cybersecurity defenses.

September 09-12, 2024.

Challenge: A 4-Day Business Continuity Planning Challenge

Participate in a focused 4-day challenge to develop a robust business continuity plan. This intensive course covers risk assessment, business impact analysis, strategy development, and practical plan implementation, ensuring your business remains resilient in the face of disruptions.

September 20, 2024.

Video Masterclass: Advanced Cyber Attack Simulations: Preparing for the Worst

Prepare for worst-case scenarios with advanced cyber attack simulations. This masterclass teaches you to anticipate, simulate, and respond to complex cyber threats, enhancing your preparedness and response capabilities for real-world attacks.

September 27, 2024.

Webinar: Business Security Audits: How to conduct and what to expect from a security audit.

Gain insights into conducting effective business security audits. This webinar covers audit planning, execution, reporting, and follow-up processes, along with what to expect during an audit, helping you assess and enhance your organization’s security posture.

October 10, 2024.

Webinar: The Future of Business Security: Emerging trends and technologies.

Explore the evolving landscape of business security in this forward-looking webinar. Discover emerging trends, cutting-edge technologies, and how they will shape the future of cybersecurity and business resilience strategies.

October 22, 2024.

Threat Intelligence Briefing: Live Q&A on Current Cybersecurity Risks

Join this interactive session to stay ahead of current cybersecurity risks. Engage with experts on the latest threat intelligence, understand evolving cyber threats, and learn how to adapt your security strategies effectively.

October 29, 2024.

Video Masterclass: Building a Culture of Security: Employee Training and Awareness

Learn to cultivate a robust security culture in your organization with this comprehensive masterclass. Gain insights into effective employee training, awareness strategies, and how to instill a mindset of security as a shared responsibility.

November 11-14, 2024.

Challenge: A 4-Day Cybersecurity Lockdown: Fortify Your Digital Defenses

Strengthen your cybersecurity defenses with this intensive 4-day challenge. Tackle hands-on exercises and real-world simulations to enhance your digital security posture, covering everything from network security to advanced threat mitigation techniques.

November 26, 2024.

Webinar: Planning for the Next Year: Setting security goals for the upcoming year.

Gear up for the next year with this strategic webinar. Learn how to assess current security postures, set achievable security goals, and develop comprehensive plans to enhance the overall security resilience of your organization in the upcoming year.

November 29, 2024.

Video Masterclass: Supply Chain Security: Managing Risks and Vulnerabilities

Dive into the complexities of supply chain security in this detailed masterclass. Understand how to identify and manage risks, implement effective security measures, and maintain the integrity of your supply chain against a backdrop of evolving threats.

December 05, 2024.

Webinar: Remote Work Security: Safeguarding the Distributed Workforce

As remote work becomes the new norm, this webinar addresses the unique security challenges it brings. Learn strategies for securing remote networks, implementing robust cybersecurity policies for remote teams, and ensuring data protection across distributed environments. Discover tools and best practices for maintaining a secure and productive remote workforce in an increasingly digital world.

December 16, 2024.

Webinar: Year in Review: Security Lessons from the Past Year: Analyzing major security events and lessons learned.

Reflect on the major security events and lessons learned over the past year in this comprehensive webinar. Analyze key incidents, understand their impact, and discuss the takeaways to better prepare for future security challenges.

December 20, 2024.

Video Masterclass: Starting New Year With Security by Design

Kickstart the new year with a focus on ‘Security by Design’. This masterclass teaches you to integrate security principles from the ground up in project development, IT infrastructure, and business processes for enhanced protection and resilience.