Taking preventive measures against security incidents is crucial. EU DORA Article 8 is specifically designed to help financial entities implement such measures. You can watch the in-depth video lesson above to gain more insight.

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Unpacking Article 8: Core Components

Article 8 highlights:

  • Risk Management: The necessity of implementing effective risk management strategies.
  • Preventive Measures: The kinds of measures that must be implemented to prevent security incidents.
  • Operational Requirements: The operational controls and safeguards that must be in place.

Steps Toward Compliance

  1. Risk Analysis: Conduct an assessment to understand the risks that your organization faces.
  2. Measure Selection: Identify and implement preventive measures based on the risk analysis.
  3. Operationalization: Put in place protocols to ensure these measures are operational and effective.

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Article 8 puts the focus squarely on preventive security measures. Your roadmap to compliance involves understanding what is mandated, implementing it effectively, and ensuring operational integrity. With Xiphos by your side, achieving and maintaining compliance becomes a more attainable goal.