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Information Security Consulting

Navigate the complex terrain of digital threats with our Information Security Consulting. Xiphos equips your business with robust defensive strategies and advanced cybersecurity measures, protecting your valuable assets and confidential data. Together, we’ll create a secure digital environment that fosters growth and innovation.

Business Continuity Consulting

Ensure your business thrives, no matter the challenge. Our Business Continuity Consulting service equips you with strategies to maintain critical functions during and after a disruption. Partner with Xiphos and gain resilience against unforeseen events, safeguarding your operations, reputation, and bottom line.

Risk Management Consulting

Prevent potential threats from becoming disruptive realities. With Xiphos’ Risk Management Consulting, we’ll identify your business’s vulnerabilities and design a proactive plan to mitigate them. We help you balance risks and opportunities effectively, supporting your business in making informed decisions that secure your success.

GDPR Consulting

Navigate regulatory complexities with confidence. Our GDPR Consulting service helps you align your operations with GDPR regulations, ensuring your business practices respect privacy and data protection laws. Let Xiphos guide you through the complexities of compliance, shielding you from potential legal repercussions and enhancing your brand’s trustworthiness.

“Business security and resilience aren’t always at the forefront until crisis hits. But by then, it’s often too late. Proactive preparation today safeguards your tomorrow.” ~ Darie Maric, Xiphos CEO

Your Ally in the Landscape of Cyber Threats and Compliance CHALLENGES

In a world where digital threats are ever-evolving and business continuity is paramount, it’s essential to have a partner that not only understands these challenges but also knows how to effectively address them. At Xiphos, we provide more than just services – we offer peace of mind.

Here’s why partnering with us is the smart choice for your business:

  • In-depth Expertise: Our team and partner network bring decades of experience in navigating the digital security landscape. We understand the complexities of cyber threats and compliance regulations, enabling us to provide you with the best possible solutions.

  • Tailored Solutions: We believe that every business is unique, and so are the challenges it faces. That’s why we work closely with you to understand your specific needs and provide customized solutions that truly work for your business.

  • Consistent Support: With Xiphos, you’re not alone in your journey towards a more secure and resilient future. We’re with you every step of the way, providing continuous consulting and support to help your business stay resilient and compliant.

When you choose to work with Xiphos, you’re choosing a future where potential threats don’t turn into catastrophic disruptions, a future where compliance is the norm, not the exception, and a future where your business is built on a foundation of resilience.

Take the step toward a more secure and resilient business future. Explore the unique advantages Xiphos brings to your organization.

Empower Your Business: Unleash the Power of Security & Resilience Today

Business Security and Resilience

This comprehensive program equips organizations with the essential tools and knowledge to safeguard their assets and minimize risks associated with potential incidents.

Take your business security to new heights with our innovative online program “Business Security & Resilience”. Designed with businesses of all sizes in mind, this program provides participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to implement and maintain robust security measures, fortify business resilience, and effectively navigate the intricacies of compliance regulations.

This comprehensive program offers expert-led modules covering key areas such as Information Security, Business Continuity, Risk Management, and GDPR Compliance. Through engaging, interactive sessions, participants will gain valuable insights and practical skills that they can apply directly to their business, enhancing security, and fostering a culture of resilience within their teams.

Success Stories Straight from Our Esteemed Clients

In an increasingly complex cybersecurity environment, finding the right partner to guide us has been crucial. Xiphos, with their deep expertise and knowledge, has been that guiding light for us. Their nuanced understanding of our unique challenges and needs has allowed them to craft tailored security measures, strategically bolstering our defenses. These custom solutions have become woven into the fabric of our operations, strengthening our resilience and aiding us in effectively navigating the labyrinth of cyber threats and regulatory mandates. With Xiphos at our side, the once daunting cybersecurity landscape has become significantly easier to traverse. Their services have not only fortified our security but also instilled a renewed sense of confidence in our team’s capacity to safeguard our organization.

Renata G.M.

CEO, HRMOD (Croatian Pension Insurance Company)

As a thriving hotel business, handling guests’ sensitive data securely and complying with GDPR regulations is crucial to us. Xiphos stepped in with their deep expertise, providing us with targeted solutions that addressed our specific needs. They undertook a thorough analysis of our data handling practices, identifying areas of potential vulnerability. Their recommendations not only ensured our compliance with GDPR but also improved our overall data security posture. With Xiphos’ assistance, we’re now confident in our ability to protect guest data while remaining compliant with all necessary regulations, bolstering trust with our clients and enhancing our reputation in the hospitality sector.

Sanja H

Manager, Maslina Resort

In the fast-paced retail sector, ensuring the security of sensitive customer data is crucial. This is especially true for us where we handle a high volume of such data daily. Partnering with Xiphos brought us the assurance we needed. Their in-depth understanding of our specific retail challenges, combined with their expertise in information security and GDPR compliance, led to a tailored strategy that catered perfectly to our needs. They carried out a comprehensive assessment of our data handling practices, provided practical recommendations, and guided us through the implementation process. Thanks to Xiphos, we’re not only confidently compliant with GDPR, but we’ve also elevated our overall information security, reinforcing our customers’ trust in our brand.

Aleksandar R.

Manager, Global Retail Company (Name ommited because of the clients policy)

We as a car dealership manage a significant amount of sensitive client data, making GDPR compliance a top priority. Xiphos understood our unique industry challenges and worked meticulously to craft tailored solutions. They conducted an exhaustive assessment of our data practices, identified areas for improvement, and implemented robust data protection measures. They also educated our team, instilling a culture of data security. With Xiphos’ guidance, we’ve successfully navigated the complexities of GDPR compliance, enhancing our reputation as a trusted, secure business.

Dario N.

CIO, Tomic & CO

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